>>>Artikeltips : "Reality" TV som gör skillnad i SA

Klicka här >>> för att läsa hela artikeln om ett nytt TV program som följer volontärteam som hjälper till i delar i Sydafrika med stora behov.

"Kwanda, a world first 'community makeover' TV show, began showing on South African television this month. The extraordinary series follows five teams of volunteers working together to tackle common challenges faced by South African communities.....At the end of the series, in a one-hour finale to be broadcast live on SABC 1 on Wednesday, 25 November, the television audience will vote to decide which team has achieved the most in transforming their community. The winning team will receive a major prize."

här >>> för att läsa hela artikeln på kanalens hemsida och för att se på bilder från programmet.

What if hundreds of volunteers all over the country from the Eastern Cape to Limpopo, began working together to try to make a better life for themselves? What difference could they make? Could they make sure that children are not going hungry? Could they reduce violent crime that causes so much pain and damage in our lives? Could they make their communities look better, work better and feel better?

A few months ago, volunteer teams were recruited across South Africa. Since then they’ve been filmed as they work together addressing some of the biggest challenges their communities face. They’ve been trying to reduce new HIV infections, trying to help orphans and vulnerable children, reduce alcohol abuse and alcohol related violence, generate income and create job opportunities.

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