>>>Länk spotlight : Two Sisters

Two Sisters is a charity based in north-east South Africa that supports orphans of the AIDS epidemic. Two Sisters started almost by accident.

Patrick Thibedi, a political prisoner of the apartheid South African government, was released from Robben Island in 1992 (filmen "Catch a Fire" baseras på hans liv). He and Conney, his young wife, settled in Mganduzweni, a beautiful but poor town in the hills outside White River, South Africa.

A neighbour in their village died, and her two daughters were orphaned. Patrick and Conney fostered the two sisters. That was in 1999. Today they have 76 children in their care.

Thanks to donations, in 2007 they were delighted to announce that a chicken farm was completed after 4 years planning and work. They currently have up to 300 chickens at one time, providing eggs and food for the children and enabling them to begin a sustainable business in the local community.

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