>>>Vilket bra initiativ!

Any dream, anytime, anywhere. Over the next year, South Africans are being offered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to let their imaginations soar. The Dream Big SA campaign will see 10 South Africans winning their ultimate dream.

“We are asking South Africans to tell us what their wildest dreams are and we are hoping to make those dreams come true,” says Thami Ngubeni, editor of O, The Oprah Magazine. “We need to dream again in this country and I hope this special project will capture the imagination of our nation and encourage people to express their innermost desires, no matter how big, frivolous or quirky."

“Only if we dream and believe in the possibility of a positive future for ourselves and our country, can it actually become a reality.”

"Tävlingen" låter verkligen positiv och lovande. Vem vet, kanske någon av vinnarna har en idé som hjälper barn som behöver familj!
Tips till er som har träffat människorna bakom ABBA Adoptions:
Man kan anmäla någon annan som har en dröm som verkar "för stor" för att kunna förverkliga!

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