>>>Welcome English speakers!

Welcome to our visitors from South Africa!

Please leave us a comment if you would like to see this website
translated into English!

If there is enough interest, we would be glad to do so!

4 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Maybe a bi-lingual blog? English is okay but Dutch would be even better..;-)



The Randomness sa...

Ummm Anglais please - unless it has an agenda...like the Rhodesian sites, then feel free to keep it in ....what is that Dutch or Afrikaans?

The Randomness sa...

I am sorry I posted a rude comment, please translate some stuff please

Anonym sa...

I like to look through this blog from time to time, but it would be more informative for me if it was in English. Wish I could read Swedish or Dutch or Afrikaans, but alas...